Sayings of the Messenger احادیثِ رسول اللہ

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Since 2006, we have been working on this project to serve the precious collection of Hadith in Arabic, English & Urdu on our website. Alhamdulilah we have served the two most popular and authentic books; Sahih Al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim. Work is being done on the next book by Imam At-Tirmidhi.

Just making the books available is not enough. We plan to make use of technology to arrange, search and add details to these books inshaAllah.

How You Can Help?

We are a small team working under Mishkat Welfare Trust to make the vision come into light. This project will always remain free to access but that doesn’t mean we have no expenses to meet. Some of the main overheads, including future plans are Salaries, Server Cost & Development Cost

An estimated USD 14,000 per year is required to meet expenses of the project. The following options can be used to contribute:

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Account Title: Mishkat Welfare Trust
Account Number: 0010-0024-4995-0047
IBAN: PK43ABPA0010002449950047
Bank: Allied Bank Limited.
Branch: Gulzar-e-Quaid (0059), Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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Share with your circle the Hadith of the beloved Prophet (s.a.w), use the power of social media to spread the word or simple Tweet/Email/Telegram us with your valuable feedback. For those looking to make a stronger impact, support us by contributing any monetary amount.

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